Easy Ways To Add More Fruit and Veg To Your Diet

We all know that eating fruit and veg is good for us, but often it can be hard to know how to incorporate more of it into our diet, especially if you are not particularly keen on eating fruit and veg just as it is! With these simple tips, including making delicious morning smoothies through to multivitamins if needed, you will be consuming the nutrients you need without tasting them or even noticing them really, and your body will certainly benefit from it!


The first thing you can do to eat more fruit, especially in the morning, is to make smoothies! They’re super easy to make, they’re packed full of nutrients when you use the right ingredients and they taste really delicious.

Start with a base of half a banana and a handful of your favourite sweet fruit, like pineapple, mango or berries. We always recommend buying frozen fruit for your smoothies, as you will always have it on hand in the freezer and it is much more affordable than fresh fruit.

Then, add a handful of greens like spinach, and trust us, you really won’t taste it in the smoothie but it will give a good boost of vitamin A and calcium to get you going for the day! It is also good to add a teaspoon of chia seeds to blend in, as they are high in protein and healthy fats. Finally, finish the smoothie with half fruit juice and half water, blitz it up and you’re all done! Start your day with a smoothie and you will soon begin to see the benefits.

Add Veg To Sauces

If you don’t like eating lots of raw or cooked fruits and vegetables just on their own, then adding them to sauces is a great choice. This is especially good if your children don’t like vegetables, as you can sneak them in without anyone knowing! Throw things like carrots, peppers, tomatoes and celery into the bases of sauces and curries, blend them all in and no one will ever know they were there.

Just make sure your veggies are really soft before you blend anything so you get a smooth sauce. Adding vegetables to pasta sauces works particularly well and you could even try adding things like lentils for an extra bit of protein. Add a few herbs and spices to add plenty of flavour and you will be fuelling your body with the nutrients it needs whilst still enjoying your diet.


This last one might not exactly be fruit and vegetables, but multivitamins are a really good way to supplement your diet to make sure you are eating all of the vitamins and minerals that you need to be eating. You should also be eating fruits and vegetables, but it can be very hard to track everything to make sure you’re eating a healthy balance everyday, so multivitamins can just help to support your diet.

You may find that your diet is lacking in particular areas and may just need one supplement, for example if you’re vegan the diet naturally lacks vitamins with B12 so this might be an area that you supplement. If you’re worried you’re deficient in anything, contact your doctor.