Extra Depth Shoes For Women | Double Depth Shoes

Extra Depth Shoes For Women | Double Depth Shoes

How Do Women's Extra Depth Shoes Work?
As the name would suggest, women's extra depth shoes have extra room in the inside of the shoe. They appear to be, and are, deeper than the average shoe. This depth allows the wearer to insert custom orthotics or comfortable insoles of their own choosing. Double depth shoes are also excellent for those who suffer from foot deformities caused by diseases like diabetes.

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In a regular shoe, the insoles would be higher but removable to accommodate inserts. With the extra depth shoes the insoles are not removable and remain attached to the shoes even when inserts are added. Custom orthotics are simply placed overtop the existing insole. Many women find this system is easier to manage, especially if losing insoles is an issue.

Extra Depth Athletic Shoes
Any kind of physical activity whether it is going to the gym, running or biking requires running shoes. For women that suffer from foot-related problems that require orthotics it is very difficult to find regular running shoes that can accommodate custom inserts. Extra depth athletic shoes offer enough space for these inserts without looking any different than regular running shoes. Healthy Feet Store offers brands like Apex and Drew.

Extra Depth Dress Shoes
In extra depth women's dress shoes, brand like Drew and Apis offer stylish options that are visually comparable to modern ladies dress shoes. We have sleek basic pumps, Mary Janes and flat heeled styles.

Extra Depth Sandals
Even sandals are available in extra depth styles. They have a lowered insole that dips in slightly to accommodate a custom orthotic. Other than the deeper insole they look virtually indistinguishable from regular sandals. The styles available are contemporary and stylish, appealing to various tastes in fashion.

Other extra depth shoe types available include casual styles and shoes with adjustable straps for more flexibility.

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