Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Antifungal Nail Polish

Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Antifungal Nail Polish

"First do no harm" are the opening words of the Hippocratic Oath that doctors swear to uphold. The same philosophy applies to the Dr.'s Remedy Toxin Free Nail Polish for Women and Children available at Perfect for pregnant women, children, women who are sensitive to harsh chemicals or anyone concerned about what they put on their body, the nontoxic nail polish and other products available from this forward-thinking company offer a safe and sound alternative.

Our Dr.'s Remedy nail polishes contain no harmful chemicals but are available in a dazzling array of vibrant colors that will make your nails look great. We also carry nail polish remover that doesn't contain acetone or other dangerous chemicals found in many popular nail polish removers. In addition, we offer Dr.'s Remedy moisturizing and hydrating treatment products that will give a strong, healthy glow even to brittle nails.

We carry all the Dr.'s Remedy nail products you will need to keep your nails in great shape. They lack the harmful chemicals found in so many common nail products, but contain important vitamins to enhance the health and beauty of your nails.

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