For decades flip flops have had a bad rap among foot doctors. Many doctors still believe that flip flops are flimsy, offer no support, and put extra strain on lower body muscles and joints. There is, however; a growing recognition in the medical community of the distinction between healthy flip flops and unhealthy flip flops. Several podiatrists and foot care experts have even taken it upon themselves to step up to the challenge of designing a truly healthy, therapeutic flip flop. Vionic flip flops - created, approved, and recommended by podiatrists - are one of the most medically respected orthotic flip flops on the market today.

Vionic Footwear - Created & Approved by Podiatrists

What is the difference between a healthy flip flop and an unhealthy flip flop? The footbed mostly. An unhealthy flip flop is a thin, flat piece of plastic or leather that provides little or no shock absorption. As a result when the foot connects with the ground, particularly on sidewalks and other hard surfaces, there is a great deal of unnecessary stress to the arch, ball of foot, and ankle which can result in pain and discomfort. The foot flattens in an attempt to compensate resulting in functional flat foot and increasing the wearer's risk of developing plantar fasciitis. When a flip flop sandal is properly constructed the outsole is solid enough to absorb impact and the footbed is cushioned enough to absorb shock. The footbed is also orthopedically contoured to support the heel and the arch and prevent excessive pronation. Vionic flip flops have all of these properties.

Like Wearing an Orthotic Without the Shoe: Vionic Sandals. Don't let foot pain cast a shadow on your fun in the sun this summer. Vionic flip flops and slides feature built-in arch support and deep heel cups. Invented by Australian Podiatrist Philip John Vasyli, Vionic sandals are contoured to provide gentle biomechanical correction and exceptional pronation control. These therapeutic flip flop and slide sandals are so comfortable, you'll feel almost as if you have an orthotic strapped to your feet. After all, the Vionic company originally specialized in creating exceptionally high quality orthotic insoles.

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