Flip Flops & Sandals With Arch Support For Women

Warm weather is the prime time for flip flops. People love flip flops because they are inexpensive, easy to throw on, and keep the feet nice and cool in hot weather. However there are a few downsides to wearing flip flops all day, every day: they provide no support! Up until now, that is!

Beyond being a fashionable accessory, shoes serve a purpose. They provide protection for your feet, support for your joints, and help maintain the best alignment for your body. In an ideal world, all of the shoes you own would meet these requirements. However, it's often impossible to find the perfect shoe in every style. But, there are brands and companies looking to improve footwear in a way that offers more support without forgoing style.

How Regular Flip Flops Fall Flat
The standard shape of a flip flop is flat and thin. It does not offer any support and has very little cushioning. The arches in particular are strained in flip flops. The lack of arch support can also lead to issues with posture in which the knees, hips and back become misaligned and therefore strained.

Flat feet in particular are not a good mix with flip flops that do not offer arch support. Standard flip flops can lead to issues like plantar fasciitis due to the lack of shock absorption and support in the heel and arch.

Choosing Healthy Flip Flops
Healthy Feet Store carries several brands that offer flip flops with arch support for women made with orthopedic technology. Brands like New Balance, Yumi, Vionic and Sole have great styles in their collection that are fashionable and supportive.

A healthy pair of flip flops will have a strong arch and a deep heel. These two features are the most important as they can help deter many of the foot problems associated with thin flip flops. Also, look for extra cushioning and a thick sole that offers a degree of shock absorption.

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