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Healthy Feet Store is a specialty shoe store that is dedicated to providing specialty shoes for women. These are shoes that cannot be found anywhere else. Many of our shoes are designed for managing symptoms of serious medical issues like plantar fasciitis, woundcare, arthritis, bunion and diabetes. Our mission to make purchasing healthy, supportive shoes easier for women that need them.

Types of Women's Specialty Shoes We Carry

Women's Adjustable Strap Shoes: This collection contains all of the women's shoes we carry that have an adjustable strap. Adjustable straps are great for dealing with foot problems that require a looser or tighter fit. They are easy to slip on and off.

Arthritis Shoes for Women: Those who experience arthritis pain in the knees, feet and toes will find a solution for pain relief in this section. These shoes provide extra cushioning and structural support for the feet.

Women's Bunion Shoes: These shoes offer extra toe space to avoid bunion irritation among other features.

Women's Diabetic Shoes: In this section there are a variety of active wear, casual and fashionable options for diabetic foot care for women who suffer from diabetic neuropathy. They offer reliable protection from ulcers and wounds.  

Women's Plantar Fasciitis Shoes: This collection contains fashionable shoes and sandals that treat the symptoms of plantar fasciitis and heel pain. They provide support for the plantar fascia band.

Women's Slip-Resistant Shoes: Work comfortably in work environments where standing all day and heavy physical activity is required with orthopedic work shoes and boots. These shoes feature slip-resistant outsoles.

Women's Stretchable Shoes: For a little extra comfort when dealing with fool ailments like swollen joints, hammer toes and bunions turn to stretchable shoes that offer extra flexibility.

Woundcare Shoes for Women: To promote healing and alleviate pain and pressure after traumatic injuries, explore our selection of woundcare shoes and boots.